Danielle Walther

Q). Tell us about your position at Braemar?

A). I am an interior designer, specializing in kitchen and bath design.

Q). What can you tell us about the design process?

A). First, we have an initial meeting in our showroom to discuss the overall style and what the client wants to achieve in the space. During this meeting, we will look at door styles, finishes, and hardware and pair these pieces with other elements of the design, like countertops and tile. It’s helpful if the client brings photos or measurements of the existing space so we can design to fit. After we fine-tune the details of the design, I will come out to the clients’ home to confirm field measurements before ordering.

Q). What makes Braemar stand out from the competition?

A). Braemar carries five lines of cabinetry to fit all our clients’ budgets. We have cabinetry ranging from semi-custom to fully custom, so we can either stick with the parameters of semi-custom (which is more cost-effective) or have some fun with all the sizing and finishes custom has to offer.

Q). If someone asked you what Braemar specializes in, what would you say?

A). Cabinetry. Our name is not limited to “kitchen and bath” cabinetry, either – we can do offices, built-ins, bar areas, you name it! Any space requiring cabinetry is something we can tackle.

Q). What do you enjoy about your work?

A). Probably what I enjoy most is the ability to be creative each day. I love how individual each client is. Not every kitchen or bathroom is the same and working together to find a solution for a client’s space is so fun because it’s unique to their taste and needs. Cabinetry and interior design, in general, is like a puzzle – each piece of the design needs to fit together and be cohesive within the space.