How to modernize your home in 2020

A New Year is a perfect time to set goals and manifestations. Many times, these goals involve personal or financial improvements as opposed to external projects. For 2020, why not set some intentions for your home? There are a number of home updates you can make to create a living space that’s more conducive to modern living. See below for some suggestions from the Braemar team. These additions will truly your daily experiences and overall quality of life.

Add a master suite: If your home doesn’t already include a master suite, maybe 2020 is the year to create one. A master suite offers more space, ample closet area, and a private bathroom. This is perfect for a mom and dad who sometimes need a sanctuary away from the kiddos. Or, if you’re a single homeowner or couple who enjoys hosting, the master suite could be used for guests. This would give them some privacy and alleviate the need for them to share a bathroom. Not only does a master suite offer comfort while you’re living in the home, but it also significantly increases the value of a home if you’re considering listing it. Any way you look at it, you can’t go wrong.

Add a larger kitchen: The Braemar crew is highly skilled when it comes to kitchen renovations. While we’ve renovated all types of spaces, we especially enjoy renovating the heart of the home. There’s something very special about a kitchen. It’s where the family starts the day, kids complete their homework and guests congregate during parties and gatherings. There are many reasons to create a kitchen that meets all of your needs. Like the master suite, an updated kitchen also increases the value of a home. Whether you make a few simple changes or execute a complete renovation, you’ll be happy with the choice to make a change.

Add a dining area: Quite often, there is extra space that’s not being utilized adequately. If you would like a place for your family to dine, we can help with that. Meeting around a table to break bread and share a meal is meaningful and enjoyable. Every home should have a dining space, even if the home is small. Our design team can assess your living space and create a plan that will ultimately offer you a dining area.

Add a family room: For a single homeowner or a couple, a family room may not be a necessity. Once you grow into a family, however, you’re going to want more space for everyone to hang out. As your children grow older, they are going to want a place of reprieve for themselves and their friends. Whether a family room is on the same level as the rest of the house or a different level, you’ll be happy to have this luxury. Moreover, if your family doesn’t include kids but you enjoy game or movie nights, this type of space is wonderful for that also.

When you’re ready to modernize your home, give Braemar a call. Our team will take you step by step through the entire process, from conception to construction.