Customized home storage solutions by Braemar Kitchen & Bath in Old Town, Alexandria, VA.

Looking for home organization ideas?

Inadequate storage space can be frustrating for many homeowners. The team at Braemar understands the need for a home to be beautiful and functional. If you desire both elegant cabinetry and more storage space, we have a number of home storage solutions for you. Whether you seek cabinetry with savvy shelving and drawers or a free-standing unit providing additional storage, we’ve got what you need.

At the initial client meeting, a thorough brainstorming session is conducted to ensure we clearly understand design goals, time frame, and budget. Braemar’s design team specifically asks about frustrations and future hopes in regard to storage and organization. This brainstorming session ultimately leads to a final product selection that truly meets all the needs of a homeowner. Prior to the initial meeting, it’s helpful when clients jot down notes and bring in pictures or samples. Think about what’s annoying you about your current lack of storage and organization. What is it that always ends up on the kitchen counter or dining room table?  Answers to these questions along with your own thoughts will make the brainstorming session more focused and productive.

Our team is proud to offer three distinct and stunning lines of cabinetry: Decora′, Schrock, and Kitchen Craft. All three brands offer an entire line of products called Storage Solutions focusing solely on storage and organization. With so many options available, clients can choose among built-in storage, shelving, custom case goods, or a combination. When you visit our studio in Alexandria, VA, design professionals use pictures, product samples, and visual renderings to demonstrate the many choices available to clients.

Today’s cabinets and storage solution products are not only trend-forward but also extremely versatile and unique in the functionality they offer.  Our design team works with you the homeowner to find the most efficient and stylish cabinets. Call Braemar today so we can make your design vision a reality.