Braemar Offers Renown Cabinet Brands

Braemar Offers Renown Cabinet Brands

We at Braemar offer our clients the best in cabinetry. By partnering with three renown cabinet brands, Decora′, KitchenCraft, and Schrock, we provide clients with a broad array of choices. Whether you’re going through a bath, office, bathroom or other living space, or kitchen remodel in Northern Virginia, our selection of cabinetry will allow you to achieve the room you’ve envisioned. Cabinetry contributes greatly to the decor of a room, offers storage options and takes up a significant amount of wall space, so it’s imperative that you feel confident in your decisions.

Currently, we offer cabinets from Decora′, KitchenAid, and Schrock, three brands who create sustainable, quality cabinetry. “With these three popular, quality cabinetry lines, we’re able to offer a wide range of semi-custom options that can be customized for each client,” said  principal designer at Braemar.


Decora Cabinets offered at Braemar Kitchen & Bath in Alexandria, VADecora′ is our most customizable kitchen and bathroom cabinetry line.  With both overlay and inset offerings as well as a variety of paint options, Decora′ can be customized to meet almost any design challenge. Focused on exquisite detail, all Decora′ cabinets are hand-crafted in Jasper, Indiana, an American woodworking and furniture-making hub for 200 years.


Braemar in Alexandria, VA offers Kitchen Craft Cabinetry OptionsFor almost half a century, KitchenCraft has built quality cabinets for homeowners. They offer a European construction (frameless) cabinetry line.  While they offer both modern and traditional door options, KitchenCraft is known to be fashion-forward. This brand is elegant and versatile. Homeowners who are looking for a sleek-lined cabinetry style often select KitchenCraft products.


Schrock Cabinetry available at Braemar Kitchen and Bath in Old Town Alexandria, VA.Schrock is Braemar’s entry level semi-custom line. If you’re a client who seeks a quality cabinet without too many customizations, Schrock is the brand for you.  Schrock offers a wide variety of inserts, accessories, door styles, wood species, and finishes.  They are a framed cabinet with either full overlay or semi-overlay offerings. This brand offers some paints, paint with glazes, and rustic options. Beauty. Function. Strength. Performance. That is Schrock’s ‘FourEver Quality Assurance’.

Cabinet selection can be an enjoyable component of the bathroom or kitchen remodel process. By offering many choices from three varied cabinet brands, the Braemar team is confident that clients will find the perfect product for their home. Our designers will spend time and effort ensuring cabinets will provide the functionality and aesthetic appeal the homeowner desires.

As Hoopes said, “At Braemar, our goal is to guide the client through the education process of understanding their needs and placing them with a cabinetry line that will excel at giving them the best design and function for their new space.” If you’re looking to learn more about our cabinetry offerings or get started with your remodel, contact us today!